Telecom/Stationary Battery Recycling

Stationary batteries are often found in telecom equipment, backup power equipment, uninterruptible power supplies, emergency power, local energy storage, remote relay stations, communication base stations, uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), mission-critical power applications and more.

What Are Telecom Batteries?

Commonly used for telecom equipment, backup power equipment, uninterruptible power supplies, and mission-critical power applications, telecom batteries are comprised of lead plates, electrolytes, and plastic casing.

With a long lifecycle and high charge and discharge rates, these batteries are excellent choices for industrial and power storage applications and play a big role in powering the demand that cell phone usage and data usage presents.

These are large units do contain toxic materials, so they require a specialized process when being recycled.

And do you know that we recycle ALL of them? That’s right, every type of lead acid battery has value!

Let’s Recycle Your Telecom Batteries

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